Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fourth Year Anniversary!

 How happy and exited I was to be the paint party hostess for the four year anniversary party of a phenomenal couple at their anniversary!

The mood was set! The food was phenomenal! We didn't get a chance to take the wanted pictures!


             Just a few of the samples!

A phenomenal family!

Thank you so much for sharing your event with me!

Ap.pre.ci.a.tion Pics

1. The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.
.gratitude for something.
I am so thankful for my Etsy customers! And even though I've been a bit neglectful the past few years, I still get occasional appreciation photos, many of which were lost when Etsy changed their format.
                            Thank You!...........

.........to all who sent photos of appreciation!

Sorority Paraphernalia
 of all kinds
 from A-Z.

* Alpha * Books * Calendars *
* Decals * Earrings * Frames *
* Gifts for all occasions * 
* Hats * Ipad Covers   *Journals * Kitchen decor * License plate holders  * Mugs *Notebook Covers 
*O * Phone Covers * Quilts 
* R * Scarves * T-shirts *
                                        * Umbrellas *Vases * Wall Art *
                                           *Y  * Zeta*

    Custom dresses, or tops!




Thank You All for your contribution and support!
For more items go to 
or click on the 'My Etsy Shop' on the side bar or Etsy Shop from my home page. Thank You!
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