Doing a 'Google Search', I stumbled across this stately Falcon bird.

 Falcons fly at high speeds and are able to change directions rapidly because of their thin tapered wings. Falcons have been recorded as diving 200 miles per hour, which makes for a quite painful peck and making them the fastest moving creatures on Earth. Their vision has been measured at 2.6 times that of an average human. 

Luis wanted to draw the falcon! 

With instructions, this was Luis' 1st attempt.

Fifteen minutes later, this was Luis' 2nd attempt. What a difference!

                      The fifteen minute difference!

'Poo Poo'

Ravens' Fan Bear

These are the steps used to draw and paint your character bear of any kind!

Step 1  Lightly sketch two (2) irregular circles / the bottom slightly larger than the top.

The next step is adding ears which consist of 2 top circles. 

Erase the inner circles and add eyes, eye brows, nose, and mouth.

Next add ovals and circles on both sides as shown below.

Clean up lines as shown below. Erase extra lines where possible.

The painting

I personally like doing the back ground on a piece like this. I use a white close to the subject and follow with my desired color.

Next do a shade or two darker of the desired color as a highlight shade.

Paint the jersey the desired color. ROYAL PURPLE was my chosen for this project. The letters were painted white with gold trim.

Next and last outline the numbers and a thin black line to clean up the entire project. The eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth and lipstick red tongue.

Asa's shower curtain

My grandchildren think I am the 'bestest' artist. Awwwwwww! I just love it! Crafts are a must when I go to visit. Here is a recent project 'painted' by my #1 grandson at 6 years old.


* shower curtain liner or curtain panel
* kitchen trash bags or shower curtain liners (to cover your table).
* 2 kitchen sponges ( size is up to you)
* pencils
* scissors
* acrylic paints
* protective covering 

       Please remember that acrylic paint can NOT be washed from clothing.

Step 1 

Start by covering your surface with a protective covering. We usually have an ample supply of large kitchen trash bags that can used to cover the table and with the exception of being covered with a little paint,  can still be used later.

For this project we used trash bags underneath our shower curtain liner.

Step 2

                                  We used 'Scotch Brite' Heavy Duty scrub sponges.

         One sponge can be used for one shape or color, the other for the second shape or color.

Step 3

  Trace your second shape onto one of your sponges. Cut with scissors. 

 We chose to use one for the 'as is' rectangular shape. With the other sponge we chose to use a common water glass and traced it onto the sponge. Shapes can be easily cut with regular household scissors. Below is the fun design we chose to use for our shower curtain liner. The sponge 'as is' for the blue. A large circle for the red. Use paper plates as your paint tray. Pour separate colors in each tray. Dip the sponge into the desired color and stamp.

I drew the Spider Man design onto the shower curtain liner and it was carefully painted by my grandson.

Great job Asa!


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