Previous Parties

Carrie's Appreciation Party!

Dominiece's Birthday


Ruth's Party

Ruth has Fortitude!

Teka won a pair of earrings for her independence and creativity!

Oops! She caught me watching! Sorry Erika. Great start!

Choyce showed multicolored 'Love' !

                                        Pleasant 'Plum' and her colorful treble clef!

Daa'iyah was delightful and original with her Angry Bird!

Hmm! A yummy cupcake! Was Camill about to chance her mind?

"No way!, "I love my painting!"

Khemise! Very diligent and productive!

Stacy also had Ravens' Love!

Val was original in her lighthouse selection!

Kimberly her version of the vanilla cupcake. Nice!

Cherry topping for Brooke!

                            Monique quietly painting!

SoMone was the winner of a Free 'Paint and Pour Studios" session! Congrats!


Peace. Love, and Thank You!

Joy's Birthday

                              ONE candle? Hmmmm!

                                                  We don't!

                                                      Hey! Who skipped out?

                                      Great job JOY!


                                                           Peace, Love, and Thank You!


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