Decoupaged Letters

I have been asked about the letters in the previous mural posting. I had not done a step by step tutorial when I made them but I can give simple instructions on how to do them.  

  • The top portion of the letter is a photocopy of the fabric used in the decorating of the nursery. 
  • The black and white checkered strips are photocopies of ribbon, even though the ribbon itself could have been used.
  • The 3rd part of the letters is the light green paint that was used to paint the wall of the room.
  • The 4th part is a repeat of the ribbon print.
  • The 5th and last part is yellow gingham print scrapbooking paper.

I love Elmer's Glue. I purchase it by the gallon and use it frequently for my decoupage projects. After completely drying drying, I brush a coat or 2 over the letters and finish them off with a waterproof varnish which can be a satin or a high gloss finish. For custom work feel free to email me /


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