Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 Every year the Baltimore Office of Arts and Promotions, along with it's sponsors, collaborates with 150-200 Baltimore city artist to give a fun filled weekend of open studio visits.
 Before I started participating, Brittany and I would go on the tour. At that time the artist below North Avenue would show on Saturday. The artist above North Avenue would show on Sunday. This would give artist a chance to venture out  and see each other's work.
 I loved it! The chance to see how other artist lived, worked, stayed motivated, stayed cool in the summer, warm in winter, and marketed themselves. It was awesome. I will show parts of my ever evolving studio in another post but I wanted today to feature my awesome entertainment for Saturday night.
 My 'friend' Tom Reyes brought 8 of his friends for a fun evening! Thank you so much for the entertainment. Thank you Cynthia Tensley and Cookie for your organizational skills and in keeping me calm! Thank you Sharon Mosely, Richetta Campbell and Joe for the rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, salad, rolls, mac & cheese, wine, chips and red velvet cake! You know I also had my infamous bean soup!

Rae Bernard and Tom Reyes

Tom Reyes

Michael Schlothauer, John Kronkowski, Greg Coleman and Ernie Williams

Greg Coleman, Glen Angus and Ed Kernan

Greg Coleman

Ed Kernan, Alice Schlothauer and Ernie Williams

Michael Schlothauer and Ed Kernan

Ed Kernan, Ernie Williams

Leo Cagape

           Leo Cagape

Michael Schlothauer, Ed Kernan, Ernie Williams, Alice Schlothauer, Rae Bernard, Tom Reyes

Greg Coleman

Alice Schlothauer and Rae Bernard

 Laughs among friends!

Ed Kernan and Ernie Williams

A wonderful evening surprise! Flowers from Jerry Peoples, Eddie Russell, Frank Williamson!
My friends from Newport News, Virginia!
Thanks guys!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


 My studio at 1400 Warner St in the historic Federal Hill section of Baltimore has received a few changes in the last few years! First the building, formally Hanline Bros. Paints was a whitewashed white!

 It was later given a lower coat of dark forest green to deter the graffiti artist!
Thanks, however to the cooperation and support of the Baltimore Horseshoe Casino, Baltimore City Office of Promotions, Mark Foster of Second Chance Inc., Linda Wareheim, and the artist Stefan Ways, Richard Best, and Pablo Machioli; we have a new makeover!

The artist worked from dusk............

............'til dawn!

Limited light, and much August heat!


The work continued!

 With tributes to home (Uruguay for Pablo), heart (Baltimore Orioles, the Ravens for Richard and Stefan), and the African art and jewelry of the resident artist (myself).

Thanks to the combined efforts and cooperation of Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, http://promotionandarts.org/about-us/contact-us, Mark Foster, Secondchanceinc.org, Linda Wareheim (owner),  the talented artists, Richard Best at http://section-1.org, Stefan Ways at http://www.stefanways.com, and Pablo Machioli at http://www.bakerartistawards.org/nominations/view/pablomachioli/66591/, and the very appreciative mua, resident artist Cleatress Tobe, we have a 'New Face for Fall' !

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Family Mural

I love painting murals!
 They are big, fun and though in some there must be accuracy, there is still room for creativity which is the big 'surprise' in the family presentation. On this project I was given many photos but they were quite old and out of focus. 

Facts given: This was a very close family that loved the beach. The young lady wanted her blue bicycle from her childhood and her dog included in the painting. I found an old style bicycle on the internet. Her bike had a basket on the front that was used to transport the dog. It was suggested that I not include the basket because the dog had jumped out and was fatally struck by a car. 

A light house was put in the background:

The bicycle was included in the foreground on a hill along with a 'No trespassing' sign surrounded by seagrass. Adirondack chairs were placed at the bottom of the hill where the three of them sat to watch the birds run along the seashore. A glimpse of the young ladies' name was scratched in the sand surrounded by paw prints from her dog.

This is the completed mural.

Thank you!
Here are a few older pieces!

This customer wanted a quiet water scene, so this was chosen for the main wall.

This was the corner scene.

In a teens room a quiet  scene was requested.

The corner scene.

Another room showcased a vintage Superman fan....

.....who wanted a plane over his bed sans a headboard.

Thank you and stay tuned! 

The next projects include a Spiderman with a chalkboard and a mural of the great Muhammad Ali! 
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 I promise to not 'bug' you!

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