Every year the Baltimore Office of Arts and Promotions, along with it's sponsors, collaborates with 150-200 Baltimore city artist to give a fun filled weekend of open studio visits.
 Before I started participating, Brittany and I would go on the tour. At that time the artist below North Avenue would show on Saturday. The artist above North Avenue would show on Sunday. This would give artist a chance to venture out  and see each other's work.
 I loved it! The chance to see how other artist lived, worked, stayed motivated, stayed cool in the summer, warm in winter, and marketed themselves. It was awesome. I will show parts of my ever evolving studio in another post but I wanted today to feature my awesome entertainment for Saturday night.
 My 'friend' Tom Reyes brought 8 of his friends for a fun evening! Thank you so much for the entertainment. Thank you Cynthia Tensley and Cookie for your organizational skills and in keeping me calm! Thank you Sharon Mosely, Richetta Campbell and Joe for the rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, salad, rolls, mac & cheese, wine, chips and red velvet cake! You know I also had my infamous bean soup!

Rae Bernard and Tom Reyes

Tom Reyes

Michael Schlothauer, John Kronkowski, Greg Coleman and Ernie Williams

Greg Coleman, Glen Angus and Ed Kernan

Greg Coleman

Ed Kernan, Alice Schlothauer and Ernie Williams

Michael Schlothauer and Ed Kernan

Ed Kernan, Ernie Williams

Leo Cagape

           Leo Cagape

Michael Schlothauer, Ed Kernan, Ernie Williams, Alice Schlothauer, Rae Bernard, Tom Reyes

Greg Coleman

Alice Schlothauer and Rae Bernard

 Laughs among friends!

Ed Kernan and Ernie Williams

A wonderful evening surprise! Flowers from Jerry Peoples, Eddie Russell, Frank Williamson!
My friends from Newport News, Virginia!
Thanks guys!


  1. Thanks for having us perform for your affair It was a great honor :-) Drummer Ernie Williams

    1. It was an honor to have you! Please come again! Cleatress


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