My studio at 1400 Warner St in the historic Federal Hill section of Baltimore has received a few changes in the last few years! First the building, formally Hanline Bros. Paints was a whitewashed white!

 It was later given a lower coat of dark forest green to deter the graffiti artist!
Thanks, however to the cooperation and support of the Baltimore Horseshoe Casino, Baltimore City Office of Promotions, Mark Foster of Second Chance Inc., Linda Wareheim, and the artist Stefan Ways, Richard Best, and Pablo Machioli; we have a new makeover!

The artist worked from dusk............

............'til dawn!

Limited light, and much August heat!


The work continued!

 With tributes to home (Uruguay for Pablo), heart (Baltimore Orioles, the Ravens for Richard and Stefan), and the African art and jewelry of the resident artist (myself).

Thanks to the combined efforts and cooperation of Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, http://promotionandarts.org/about-us/contact-us, Mark Foster, Secondchanceinc.org, Linda Wareheim (owner),  the talented artists, Richard Best at http://section-1.org, Stefan Ways at http://www.stefanways.com, and Pablo Machioli at http://www.bakerartistawards.org/nominations/view/pablomachioli/66591/, and the very appreciative mua, resident artist Cleatress Tobe, we have a 'New Face for Fall' !


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