Additional Accessories for the Last Mural

There are some additional accessories to some murals that help to complete any room. These are a few that were part of the last mural.

The above piece was a 16x20 canvas painted a pale yellow with lettering done in calligraphy with acrylic paint.

The next project related to this mural was a given, since the mural was somewhat of a period piece. 

Silhouette Portraits
 Silhouette portraits were some of the early forms of art. A silhouette is an image of a person or object minus the detail. 
 They are usually done in black on a white background. The silhouette portraits or 'profiles' were popular in the mid-18th century and had a resurgence in fashion, advertising and fine art in recent years (see Kara Walker's new drawings Studio Museum of Harlem).
 A lot of elementary schools have the making of silhouettes as a yearly art project.
 The subject is seated in a chair against a solid background. A strong light is then placed on one side of the person being drawn. An outline of the persons head is traced, then either painted or cut from black construction paper. 
 I wanted that look for my daughters family nursery. I took the easy way. (I had each of the new parents stand against a solid wall, took a picture of the profile, printed it on a copier, cut it out, placed that pattern on a piece of black felt, pinned it, cut it out and placed it on a piece of textured card stock (personal preference; choose whatever you like).

This is the set of silhouette portraits!

The silhouettes were framed in purchased black oval shaped framed from Michael's Arts and Crafts. The ribbon ties are remnants of the black and white fabric used in the curtains in the last posting. They are about 2 inches wide (finished) and 24 inches long. The strip is them topped with a 1 inch wide strip of the Harlem Toile fabric. The bow topper is another piece of the black and white fabric. This was a 'no sew' project using a washable fabric glue called 'Ok To Wash It' by Alleene.

The lettering was purchased letters from the craft store painted with acrylic paint and decoupaged.
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