Mural Studio/ Set up

 It's time to share how I did my set up for one of my favorite passions; painting murals. For many years the majority of the paintings were on walls but now with families getting older, hobbies and interest changing and/or not having more children, and with some downsizing to smaller spaces, it may be smarter economically to have the mobile murals. They can be rolled and saved, traded or resold. The choice is yours!


Ott lights for evening or night work if there is no natural light source

  • paints
  • erasers and pencils
  • brushes
  • water jars for brushes
  • easels
  • sheetrock
  • sketch paper
  • wastebasket
  • liners
  • a small table for paints
  • water for rinsing brushes
  • cloths and or paper towels
  • an apron or smock (optional)
  • a comfortable chair or stool (one for break, one for detailed work)
  • protector for flooring (unless you have a floor that doesn't mind) :)
  • storage for paint
  • magazines and or idea books
  • a journal (optional)
  • large clips big enough to hold canvas to sheet rock
  • stick pins
  • rolls of canvases

In this photo I positioned 4 wooden easels. Two easels support 1 piece of sheetrock each and they are placed to produce a 16 ft. flow. Seldom have I done a 16 feet mural but the extra space allows for your collection of photos and inspirational clippings for each project. An Ott light is hanging for the top of the 1st board. To the left (on the black bookcase) the is a vintage office florescent light. So far however for the time of day that I have painted, this has worked. There is an east window covered by a huge gas heater so there is not a large amount of natural light to insure true color.

The stool in the center will be replaced with a larger table.

Another view! Earrings drying on the flat file. Another post, another day :)

The large gas heater blocks much of the light but does not hinder the projects! I am open for suggestions on how to cover it!

  • broom
  • spray cleaner ( a mixture of 1 part vinegar, 1 part Dawn dish Detergent, 7 parts water is my preference)

    • insert things that keep you motivated (affirmations, photos (of loved ones and of people who make you smile or laugh), art work
    • plants and or fresh flowers
    • and for an additional perk, I like to add a candle to burn off paint fumes (you may not smell them with acrylic paints but they are definitely there).


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