Sunday, February 5, 2012


An unfinished mirror is the origin of this craft. I used a napkin for this post but copies of  photos and magazine pages can also be used.

 I love to decoupage! Am I good at it! Fair to good I would say! If I did what I told others to do, I would be  better! For this Valentine's craft lets do mirrors!

                                        This one was done to leave space for personalizing!

This one has embellished hearts for an extra dimension!

- unfinished mirror to decoupage

-white glue 
(I usually buy it by the gallon and refill my small empty bottles)
-a foam brush or make-up sponge

-napkins with a Valentine's theme
-wax paper

First: cover the mirror 'frame' with glue, being careful to avoid the glass!

         Most decorative napkins are at least 3-ply. Separate the top ply from the other 2.

                             Save the other 2 ply for clean up! 

Carefully lay the top decorative ply on top of the slightly tacky top of the mirror frame.  Cover with a sheet of wax paper and rub over the layer of wax paper placed over the mirror to smooth out the air bubbles! Remove wax paper. Let Dry!
Brush a coat of white glue over  the dry mirror. Let dry. Don't worry. The glue will dry clear!

                             Happy Crafting!

If it's not the quality you want and you need a special theme for a personalized gift email me at '' 




         I have had a love affair with red all my life!

                                             Red is the color of excitement!

 Red is the Feng Shui color of fame. Red symbolizes heat, is the color on warning signs. KFC, McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, Coca Cola, the Skittles wrapper, Target, Exxon, Staples,  and I can go on and on, all the strong color of red. Added to black it puts a boost in careers and business; TGI Fridays, Checkers.  Delta Airlines changed the color of their triangle from blue to red because red symbolizes the transformation of their "highly differentiated, customer focused airline". My favorite foods-delicious apples, strawberries, red cherries, and tomatoes are red.

           Memories of early toys - skates, my brother's red 3 wheeler, a red skooter, skates and an awesome red 'Radio Flyer'. It was fast ride down '48th Street'.
            School lunches were great with an insulated thermos. This is a redo of an old classic (Ikea style)!

                            Church socials, community events!  

                                                           My favorite earrings!

                                          The most fierce eyes of the NFL!

                                                          Little girls hair bows!

                                              Awwwwwww!! Woof!!!!!!!!

                                                               With Love!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I took a vacation and decided to visit family in Texas. Of course being the artist that I am, and wanting to make a few bucks, I decided to post an ad in an Texas community newsletter. To my surprise I received a commission to do a mural with a Jungle Book inspired theme.
    In the beginning it was to be one wall, no ceiling. As the day progressed, it became all 4 walls and the ceiling. The young man and his family were very pleased! Yeah!!!!!!    
  The highlight of the project was the caricature of the young man! The family thought it was perfect!!

Even though I DO NOT like to take pictures, I decided to allow this one because it shows the young man and the caricature that I did of him. Now the mural was inspired by the jungle book but as you can see it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

This is the recipient of the mural. Active and beautiful spirit!

The bee was at the request of the young man!

Another view at corner!

Originally the ceiling was not to be done, but what else could we have done? Left it white? A demo of the techniques used will be posted later on You Tube!

The lonely insert under the window!

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