I have had a love affair with red all my life!

                                             Red is the color of excitement!

 Red is the Feng Shui color of fame. Red symbolizes heat, is the color on warning signs. KFC, McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, Coca Cola, the Skittles wrapper, Target, Exxon, Staples,  and I can go on and on, all the strong color of red. Added to black it puts a boost in careers and business; TGI Fridays, Checkers.  Delta Airlines changed the color of their triangle from blue to red because red symbolizes the transformation of their "highly differentiated, customer focused airline". My favorite foods-delicious apples, strawberries, red cherries, and tomatoes are red.

           Memories of early toys - skates, my brother's red 3 wheeler, a red skooter, skates and an awesome red 'Radio Flyer'. It was fast ride down '48th Street'.
            School lunches were great with an insulated thermos. This is a redo of an old classic (Ikea style)!

                            Church socials, community events!  

                                                           My favorite earrings!

                                          The most fierce eyes of the NFL!

                                                          Little girls hair bows!

                                              Awwwwwww!! Woof!!!!!!!!

                                                               With Love!


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