I took a vacation and decided to visit family in Texas. Of course being the artist that I am, and wanting to make a few bucks, I decided to post an ad in an Texas community newsletter. To my surprise I received a commission to do a mural with a Jungle Book inspired theme.
    In the beginning it was to be one wall, no ceiling. As the day progressed, it became all 4 walls and the ceiling. The young man and his family were very pleased! Yeah!!!!!!    
  The highlight of the project was the caricature of the young man! The family thought it was perfect!!

Even though I DO NOT like to take pictures, I decided to allow this one because it shows the young man and the caricature that I did of him. Now the mural was inspired by the jungle book but as you can see it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

This is the recipient of the mural. Active and beautiful spirit!

The bee was at the request of the young man!

Another view at corner!

Originally the ceiling was not to be done, but what else could we have done? Left it white? A demo of the techniques used will be posted later on You Tube!

The lonely insert under the window!


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