An unfinished mirror is the origin of this craft. I used a napkin for this post but copies of  photos and magazine pages can also be used.

 I love to decoupage! Am I good at it! Fair to good I would say! If I did what I told others to do, I would be  better! For this Valentine's craft lets do mirrors!

                                        This one was done to leave space for personalizing!

This one has embellished hearts for an extra dimension!

- unfinished mirror to decoupage

-white glue 
(I usually buy it by the gallon and refill my small empty bottles)
-a foam brush or make-up sponge

-napkins with a Valentine's theme
-wax paper

First: cover the mirror 'frame' with glue, being careful to avoid the glass!

         Most decorative napkins are at least 3-ply. Separate the top ply from the other 2.

                             Save the other 2 ply for clean up! 

Carefully lay the top decorative ply on top of the slightly tacky top of the mirror frame.  Cover with a sheet of wax paper and rub over the layer of wax paper placed over the mirror to smooth out the air bubbles! Remove wax paper. Let Dry!
Brush a coat of white glue over  the dry mirror. Let dry. Don't worry. The glue will dry clear!

                             Happy Crafting!

If it's not the quality you want and you need a special theme for a personalized gift email me at 'artbycleatress@gmail.com' 




  1. How adorable are those frames?!?!?!? The third one is my favorite!!!


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